Focus T25 review

Focus T25 Review

New Shaun T. 25 minutes workouts program is hitting the market hard and as soon as i received my copy i wanted to try it out and get a good feel of the workouts. Here is my review of every workout included in the Focus T25 Base Kit and the Upgrade Gamma Kit. 



  • Cardio : Equipment needed : None. That workout kinda reminded me of Insanity Pure Cardio, it really push your to your limit and will leave you covered in sweat at the end of your workout. It is a mix of lunges, jog, side hop,  jumping jacks, knee tucks,etc… that will make your heart rate jump through the roof. Halfway through the workout, i was already looking for a break but this Focus T25, only 25 minutes and no breaks, great workout !


  • Speed 1.0 :  Equipment needed : None. Really different workout from the Cardio workout i did the day before, had a more Asylum feel to it with more complex moves. It might takes you some time to get the moves right on some exercices as they are a little more complex. You will be doing  burpees, jab, uppercut, crisscross jack, feet switch,etc..mixed with some stretching exercices in between. 


  • Total Body Circuit : Equipment needed : None.  This workout will work your strength with moves like oblique push-ups, plank shoulder tap, walking plank, hop hop plank, pike plank, spider plank, squats and lunges all mixed up to work your core and entire body.


  • Ab Interval : Equipment needed : None.  Interval workout where you work your Core mixing High Intensity Exercices to keep your heart rate up through the workout. Expect a lot of Leg Lifts and Planks in differents ways. You should feel those abs screaming for rest at the end of this workout. 


  • Lower Focus : Equipment needed : None.  Strengthen those lower muscle with Lower Focus workout. You will be doing Lunges and Squats moves that will literally burn your legs muscles and make you hope there is a break in this workout. Those Lunge Pulse followed by Lunge Hold are killer. 


  • Stretch : Equipment needed : None. This is a Stretch routine meant to be done on every Sunday in every phase of the program. It mainly focus on stretching the Lower muscle of the body as Focus T25 is a program that is meant to burn a lot of calories with Interval and High Intensity exercices which means you are working your lower muscle most of the time so they need to be stretched out more than your other muscles. You will be doing Stretches using Lunges, Child Poses, Chair with Knee Over,etc…if you feel sore at the end of your week, it might be a good idea to do that routine to relieve your muscle and get ready for the next week workouts. 



  • Core Cardio : Equipment needed : None.  A step up the Alpha Cardio workout with new moves and a bigger focus on working your core. You will be doing a lot of Squats, lunges, kick and Uppercut, and some new moves like Plank Lift twist and Feet Shuffle.


  • Speed 2.0 : Equipment needed : None.  This workout is a nice progression from the Speed 1.0 workout. It has a faster pace and new moves to challenge you. This workout is divided in 2 rounds with 3 levels in each round. Each level has a faster pace than the last one to really get that heart rate up. You will be thankful to have 2 recovery jog through that workout.


  • Rip’t Circuit : Equipement needed : Dumbells or bands.  In this workout you will be doing a Cardio move followed by working 3 body area : Upper body, Legs and Abs and then you repeat that block with different moves.  Biceps curls, Arnold Press, Weighted Lunges and Squats, Lawnmover (do you remember P90X?),  Deadlift, Counted Push-ups,etc…


  • Dynamic Core : Equipement needed : None.  Another workout aimed at working your core in every possible way. Do you remember P90X? You will find some of the moves you loved in P90X back in this workout : Leg Scissor, Bicycle, Superman, Side Plank, Reverse Crunch,etc…as well as new moves with a Shaun T. twist. 


  • Upper Focus : Equipment needed : Dumbells or Bands.  You have worked all the lower muscle in Phase 1 with Lower Focus, now you will be working all the upper body muscles in this workout. This is a great strength-building workout with moves like Arnold Press, Shoulder press, Front Raise, Side raise, Back Sumo Row, Bicep Curl, Tricep Dip, etc…if you want a great upper body with defined and toned muscle, this is the workout that will give it to you.



  • Speed 3.0 :  Equipment needed : None.  There is only word i can think of for this workout : Fast! The pace is really really fast in this workout and it will keep your heart rate through the roof. Lots of burpees mixed with pike, spider lunge, push-up,etc…lunges, squats all mixed up into 3 level and the pace gets faster as the workout progress so be ready to push yourself really hard on this one, you do get 2 recovery jog near the end so you can catch your breath.


  • The Pyramid : Equipment needed : Dumbells or bands.   Like the name of the workout can hint you, this is a pyramid workout. Which means you will be combining 2 moves per set and increasing the number of reps per set until you are doing a 8 reps set . Simple put, you start with a 1 rep set, then a 2 reps set, a 3 reps set, etc..all the way up to a 8 reps set. You will be doing moves like Hammer curl+Squat, Child pose+Push-ups, 5 count Butterfly, Deadlift+Upright rows,etc…great workout that will blast all your body part to failure in 1 workout.


  • Rip’t up : Equipment needed : Dumbells or bands.  This is a nice workout that will focus on all your Upper body muscles : Chest, Back, Biceps, Triceps and shoulders. This workout reminded me of P90X2 with moves like Shoulder press on 1 leg that will work on your balance and fast twitch muscles. You will be doing Wide rows, Lat pulldown, Hammer curl, Tricep Kickback, Counted push-ups, Shoulder Shrug, etc…


  • Extreme Circuit : Equipement needed : Dumbells or Bands.  This is a workout divided into 5 rounds. You will be doing around 4 moves per round followed by a Burnout period at the end of each round. Expect to use your band or dumbells a lot with this workout with moves like : Upright Row, Shoulder press, Hammer curl, Weighted Burpees, weighted squat, Deadlift,etc…


Extra Dvd


  • Core Speed : Equipment needed : None.  This is a Core focused workout with a much faster pace, it is divided into 2 rounds with 3 levels in each round. As you progress through the levels, you will have to pick up the speed to keep up and it will really get that heart pumping. You will be doing Burpees Crisscross, Crisscross Squat, 1 Arm Burpees, Jab Combo, 180º Hop Squat in+out,etc…You will have a Jog Recovery at the end of the 2nd round then you start over From Top with the Round 1 exercices, there is another Jog Recovery at the end and you start again From Top but with the exercices of the 2nd Round. 



Nutrition Plan

The nutrition plan in Focus T25 is really back to Basics. It has 25 recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks and even some tips. The recipes are really easy to make with 5 ingredients each and a promise of only 5 minutes to make them. I didn’t try all the recipes in the book yet so i can’t comment on them so feel free to try them out and give us your appreciation of each recipe.  I am not using the Nutrition plan as i find it too basic for me and i like to do my own one, and mixe my food and add new recipes like the one in the Focus T25 Nutrition plan. I might be overzealous but i like to calculate my exact number of calories for maintenance and adjust from there depending on my goals and also use my own macros.



The Focus T25 program really deliver what it promises to do, give you a 1 hour worth of results in only 25 minutes. Even though the workouts are short, they still give a good burn, using my Heart Rate Monitor i was burning from 300 to 450 calories in only 25 minutes which is really good. The more advance people will still find these workouts challenging and the beginner will also be able do the workouts using the modified moves by Tanya. My wife who just gave birth to our 3rd child 3 months ago is doing the program with me and she is able to complete every workout using the modified moves while i am using the non-modified moves and we both find our way to get a good workout and it is really fun to do this together. If you want to connect with people also doing this program, you can join our challenge group on Facebook and share with other people who are bringing it every day with the same program. Just click the link below to go directly to our Focus T25 Challenge group on Facebook.

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